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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Wanna get fired ? here are some things that would get you there

1. Learn to say these words "Thats not a part of my job description".
2. Point out to boss's family photos , if the kid is ugly remark "thats some monkey you got there " and if the daughter is hot "Holy shit! is that your daughter " then take a look at him and say "must be your wife's genes"
3. Try to show off your magic skills in staff meetings.
4. Bring gifts for boss's wife and tell him that she loves that colour.
5. Watch porn in the office 
6. Show up at your boss's house late at night and tell him that you are crashing there for the night .
7. Take up your boss's parking space.
8. Sip coffee or water off his table.
9. Demand him to come to your cubicle if he wants to talk.
10. Make memes of him and mail it to him.

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