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Monday, 24 September 2012

Thing that you don't want to hear from your pilot

1. Allahu Akbar.
2.Hey (name of co-pilot), stop that! It’s ticklish! Heehee..not there, no! Stop that..haha.. Stop playing around! Oh shoo! The PA system is on! 
3. To the co-pilot in mid air - you checked the fuel indicators right ?
4. I should quit drugs man, i feel like i am flying.
5. Ok folks how many of you wants to see the empire state building.
6. Thank god I always carry my lucky parachute
7. We have lost one of our engine remain calm .
8. But google earth is indicating to turn right .
9.  Ladies and gentlemen, we'll be on the ground in approximately 10 minutes. One way or the other.
10.This is your captain speaking.. We are going to play a little geography game. Be the first 3 persons to recognize where we are, tell your flight attendant and win a tasty pack of roasted peanuts 

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