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Saturday, 28 April 2012


Today I was going to Delhi via metro being a Saturday morning there wasnt much rush in the train , only the mild sound of the train running on tracks and the frequent announcements in the train could be heard . Then an uncle in his mid thirties let out a strong , silence breaking fart . With an embarrassing smile he turned to his newspaper again and giggles ran through our compartment . I having nothing to do turned my head and began window thinking (I am not sure that if that is a word but I think most of us know what i am talking about) about farts .

Shaikh Saadh once wrote
O Sage ! the stomach is the prison house of wind ,
the sagacious contain it not in captivity ,
if wind torment thy belly , release it, fart,
for the wind in the stomach is like a stone in the heart,

Farts have great impact on ones social life . A fart could lighten a tough situation or it could create a embarrassing moment for rest of your life . If you are in school it might lead you to be recognized as "paddu" (the farter) . Farts can be categorised 4 in categories 

1. The smell bomb :- Worst of its kind usually caused due to constipation or genetics . The person who has planted is usually the one who denies it first (might be a myth but whenever i am responsible I blame others) . Again a myth but the person who has planted it might not find it that smelly .

2.The Chain reaction :- The continuous fart that stops when all the wind is out .The most satisfying of all one feels a sense of accomplishment after its out . Two asana of yoga and you might be at it . Common in old people and usually it is not smelly

3.The atomic bomb :- The volume is high and stink seldom accompany. Most embarrassing in public . High risk of poop constantly lurks . 

4.The defused bomb :- It goes out slowly with minimum sound. Makes you happy because of no stink and sound. You wish for more of them when you are in tough situation . 

Even after all the embarrassment Farting is one of the most satisfying experience for people . The uncle on the metro were happy to let it go . So keep farting its just as pleasurable as having sex (in some situations ).