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Sunday, 25 March 2012

A Racist Mind

In some way or the other we know that all of us are racist . So that made me think that what would a racist mind think about the various people he comes across 
  • Indians :- 
  • A racist mind might think that he is a Paki terrorist 
  • It would wonder that whether he smelled like curry 
  • It might wonder that was he the same person that he met on omegle .
  • It would wonder that had it seen him in slumdog millionaire
  • African American :-
  • A racist mind might wonder that whether the guy could rap or not
  • It fantasize about speaking in their accent 
  • It would count the "damns" and the "thats what i am talking about " in their conversation 
  • It would think that they all look the same
  • Asians:-
  • A racist mind would believe that they are good at math
  • It wouldn't be positive about their driving
  • It would be impressed of their ability to play the computer games 
  • It would think that they all look the same 
  • Jewish :-
  • A racist mind would take all the business advice
  • It would wonder that if anyone one was a holocaust survivor
  • It would wonder that where do they worship
IF any one was offended reading this it was not my intend and i am totally against racism .I am an indian so its not offensive for indians .


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