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Saturday, 24 March 2012

                                       An IIT Dream 
Since IIT-JEE is near I am sure that there are plenty of student that now believe that it is just a dream for them . The only thing they could do is warn their juniors about studying from the start or not joining the coaching they went or just advising them about which tuition to join.So today i gonna tell you the phases that a normal average students goes through for whom IIT slowly becomes a dream :-

They are pretty much similar to the Ross grief model 

DENIAL :- Believing that the studies are not that hard .Thinking that big IIT books arent that big, this is probably the start of you screwing up. 
Starting period :- Middle of 11th and Middle of 12th 
Reasons:- One of main reason is laziness. Also it could be a big distraction like a computer game or addiction to phone
Effects :- Its the start of the whole process if you avoid it in time YOU ARE A WINNER
Lasts :- depends upon the type of person from a year to just before the exam 

ANGER :- You would curse yourself for wasting all that time .You would try to remember the time when you made the promises to yourself when you took up the notorious 'non med stream' 
Starting period :- The Start of every semester in both the classes 11th as well as 12th 
Reasons :- Your DENIAL :P
Effects :- Increases your efficiency ,guilt 
Lasts :- Very short followed by a very long negotiation 

NEGOTIATION :- The feel that its not too late but You know that it is. Its the art of lying to your self .Suddenly it becomes all clear to you. That books , That teacher , The coaching class weren't that bad after all. You try to eat a year's rice in a month by set ting impossible portion in a given time 
Reasons :- You might be a good student a while ago or Just plain Fear 
Effects :- Makes you Einstein just before the Exams ,Gives you a sense of the lost time 
Lasts :- Just before your exams when the time remaining makes it impossible to finish up your portion 

DEPRESSION :- Worst of all the phases the sense of time loss is can be pretty painful 
You certainly picture yourself at start of the year. Spend your free time thinking what went wrong. You blame Yourself and everybody around you.Look for options that are not that good enough. You would want the time to stop. Also panic might grip you 
Reasons :- The Truth , Denial and zero hope 
Effects :-  Would certainly effect your health and career ahead 
last :- During and after the Exams if You were once a good student 

ACCEPTANCE :- Comes with time. It makes you happy that the process has ended but at same time you know that what belonged to you is now just not yours . 
Reasons :- Because its the truth and you cant change the past 
Effects :- Can be drastic if you learned from your experience
last :- Rest of your life to just start of your college depending on you 

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